Temples built by Maharajji

Bavania Temple

Bavania is a village about forty kilometres from the town of Morvi in Gujarat. It was here that Maharajji established the first Murti of Hanuman. Maharajji spent his intial years of tapasya at this place.

Kainchi Ashram

The name comes from the fact that the temple is situated between two hills which cross each other and the cradle looks like a scissor (kainchi). It hosts one of the biggest annual bhandaras among the various temples.

Mehrauli Ashram

The Delhi temple is located in Jaunapur near Mehrauli. It is situated amongst huge real estates and is built in a large area. This temple supports a hospital and two schools.

Shimla Temple

Bhumiadhar Temple

This place was donated by a devotee to Maharajji. First a room and then a small temple was built. It was close to this site that Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) met Maharajji for the first time.

Kankrighat Temple

This place is located 22 kms. from Kainchi. It was the place where Sombari Baba lived and performed tapasya. Swami Vivekananda also performed tapasya at this place and experienced enlightment for the first time here.

Neeb Karori Temple

Neeb Karori is in the district of Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh. Maharajji came here from Gujarat and furthered his tapasya. It is said that he lived in a cave made by the villagers for him.

Veerapuram Ashram

This Hanuman idol had to be moved from this location close to Chennai.

Hanumangadhi Temple

This is reportedly the first temple built by Maharajji. This place near Nainital was earlier called Manora hill and was a deserted place because it was weak and unstable. Maharajji built a temple here and later handed it over to the Government Trust.

Lucknow Ashram

This is the most famous temple in Lucknow near the Hanumansetu bridge over the river Gomti. This temple hosts a huge bhandara on January 26.

Panki Temple

This is a small temple in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) near the Panki Railway station. A standing Hanumanji resides in this wonderful little temple. This temple is near the famous Panki Hanuman Mandir.

Vrindavan Ashram

This place in Uttar Pradesh is yet another important place as Maharajji left his body here. It has one of the two temples built by Maharajji himself. Maharajji left his body in Vrindavan and so this is referred to as his Samadhi Sthal.

Temples built by Neeb Karori Baba devotees

Akbarpur Temple

This place has a very special importance as Maharajji was born in this village. It is referred to as his Janma Sthal. Akbarpur is a very small village in the Firozabad district of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Rishikesh Temple

Jabalpur Temple

The work on this temple in Madhya Pradesh started on 24th Feb, 1997. It is beautifully located on the banks of the river Narmada.

Taos Ashram

Mirzapur Temple

This temple is in the Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh. This place is very famous because of the Vindhyavasini temple. It is quite close to Benares and Allahabad.